Tenancy Solutions

Prodvana solves tenancy.

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Single Tenant

Prodvana's Convergence Based Deployment Engine empowers organizations with simple single tenant deployments. Effortlessly manage your single-tenant environments, ensuring that each deployment is tailored to meet the unique needs the customer. Prodvana gives you granular control over the options and configurations needed for your customers.

Scale without Limits

Multi Tenant

Efficiency and scalability are paramount when it comes to multi-tenant deployments. Prodvana's Convergence Based Deployment Engine streamlines your processes. Easily manage multiple applications and services within a single environment. Our solution ensures that your multi-tenant deployments are simple and efficient to manage.

Extend To Where you want to be

Regional & Edge

Expanding to new regions should be a smooth and hassle-free experience. Prodvana's Convergence Based Deployment Engine simplifies regional expansion with minimal configuration. Seamlessly replicate and deploy your services to new regions while leveraging our convergence mechanisms to ensure consistency and reliability across your expanding infrastructure. Drive your business growth with confidence and conquer new markets effortlessly.