Feature Release

Aug 30, 2023

Aug 30, 2023

Aug 30, 2023

Prodvana Release: Observer Mode & Runtime State Inspector for Enhanced Cloud Resilience

Andrew Fong

In the Platform Engineering landscape, you often navigate a maze of fragmented cloud infrastructure. Prodvana offers an orchestration platform that unifies point solutions streamlining cloud management. 

Observer Mode and Runtime State Inspector builds on two of our key commitments: unifying your workflows and building self-healing environments.

Observer Mode

In cloud environments, both incidents and routine updates are common occurrences. During these times, engineers may need to freeze a service, whether to diagnose problems or handle a dependency that hasn't been codified within Prodvana. Observer Mode enables you to gain critical insights into these issues without applying changes, allowing for more controlled management.

Additionally, there may be instances when you need to quickly bring the system back up with a live change. Prodvana ensures that these live changes are still conducted safely by continuing to execute Protections. This guarantees that critical business processes are visible and will be adhered to as the incident is resolved.

Observer Mode plays a vital role in detecting drift from changes made during incidents. By identifying these drifted configurations and integrating them back into Prodvana, the drift is resolved, allowing you to safely conclude the incident with confidence that all changes were captured.

When exiting Observer Mode, Prodvana ensures that your systems are returned to their Desired State, maintaining consistency and stability across your environment.

Runtime State Inspector

In multi-layered cloud environments, understanding the difference between the desired configuration and the actual runtime state can be challenging. This lack of visibility can lead to inconsistencies and errors in production.

The Runtime State Inspector provides a real-time window into environments, allowing users to compare current and desired states easily. This can help in pinpointing production differences and ensuring that the system is aligned with the intended configuration.

For example, in the below screenshot, we can see that the current state is v4 however the desired state is v3!

For both Observer Mode and Runtime Inspector, we will continue to iterate and add additional intelligence around diffs and surfacing areas that need to be reconciled.

Other Changes in this month's release include:

  • Per Action Approvals - Approve specific steps of the convergence loop

  • Refreshed Horizontal UX on the Action Stepper 

With Prodvana, you're not just adopting a tool but embracing the future of intelligent cloud management. If you want to learn more, book a demo!